The SCHEMA Model

The model illustrates the areas covered in our assessments.  All of these areas work together as part of the ‘business system’ of Customer engagement / focus / centricity (called Customer Engagement from now on).  At the heart of the model is ‘sustained incremental profitability’.  Engaging customers at any cost is clearly not optimal, and neither is a total focus on sales and costs.  All of our work is designed to deliver commercial customer engagement.  Four key foundations underpin good customer engagement: Direction and Leadership (e.g. clarity of strategy, cross-functional ownership, investment); Technology and data management capabilities (a critical area in an increasingly data-driven and digital world); the the Culture (objectives, accountability, ways of working) and competencies (knowledge, attitude, skill) of your people and partners.

The model covers the enablers of good customer management, such as how deep insight is generated and used to target activities; whether propositions reflect the brand positioning and translate into actual customer experience.  It looks at the integration of channels and media and the way content is created and used.  The agility and workflow required to support real time engagement (including compliance and decision making) is a critical enabler as are the activities that get measured, as they will drive media choice & ‘on brand’ behaviours.

The process then looks at the actual execution throughout the customer journey of winning, keeping & developing the right customers and optimising the costs of doing this.