SCHEMA Output & Benefits

SCHEMA Toolset – The SCHEMA® Output

The SCHEMA® output is the beginning of the process of engagement and implementation rather than the end of the process of strategy setting and planning. It is designed to be visually engaging and to draw stakeholders further into its content. The large, landscape format enables related sets of information to be presented in a single view to comprehensively describe your route to engaging customers, successfully and profitably.



The Benefits of the SCHEMA® approach

From a financial perspective, benefits come from across the lifecycle; increasing penetration of the market, winning more / better quality customers; increasing activation rate of new customers; keeping good customers longer; developing customer value through cross-selling, upselling or developing customer advocacy; increasing the ROI of media and advertising spend; reducing the cost to serve; reducing the cost of failure. These can add up to significant numbers, the data driven marketing or customer experience programmes are often the most important strategic programmes.

The ‘deliverables’ from a SCHEMA® engagement are far wider and start far earlier than the final output and presentation.  You’ll have a clear, independent view of where you are now, market by market.  You’ll have an aligned senior team, clear on where they want to get to and the implications of this.  You’ll have indicative financial value of getting there which will help steer investment and management attention.  You’ll have a practical, transformational roadmap with the immediate priorities highlighted and a team of highly engaged stakeholders to drive the delivery of the plan.  TCF and their partners can also help you manage any ‘pilot’ or ‘proof of concept’ project if required. Interested?  Please contact us to find out more.