SCHEMA Direction Shaper

Often carried out at the same time as the current state Assessment, the SCHEMA Direction Shaper™ identifies (or helps define) the way your organisation wants to engage customers in the future.   It explores a number of Dimensions with senior staff individually and then collectively in a workshop setting.  Each of these dimensions (one example shown here) has an impact on the capabilities needed to deliver it.  By comparing the ‘desired state’ direction with the ‘current state’ assessment, capability gaps and the scale of change required can be identified.  The Direction Shaper™ outputs also develop into a series of statements (see one in the illustrated example) which build into a detailed story of what customer engagement really means for your organization.

The Direction Shaper™ stimulates and successfully drives the alignment of senior stakeholders in defining the nature of Customer engagement required across the organisation.

A combination of assessment and direction setting helps identify the capability gap and provides a clear input to a descriptive and graphical illustration of the scale and nature of the change required to deliver the strategy.