SCHEMA Approach

SCHEMA® is based on a set of integrated modules to create and support the implementation and management of a programme to optimise customer profitability and experience – providing:

  • A benchmarked assessment of current capabilities and those needed to realise the benefit
  • Alignment to a common ambition of what ‘customer engagement’ really means to your organisation
  • The potential financial value of achieving the vision, which helps define investment levels and priorities
  • A capability gap analysis and prioritised roadmap plan that optimises short term wins as well as addressing longer term sustainability
  • A framework for change, identifying any necessary resources, to ensure the plan is implemented and the benefits realised

This thorough and rapid analysis provides the backbone and rationale for transformation and organisational change. It is possible to use only one or two of the SCHEMA® modules to address specific challenges but the result is more robust and credible if all of the modules are used together.


The Assessor Benchmarker investigates practices across the whole business system which impacts on the customer experience, quantifying the ‘as is’ situation of your Customer capability and providing benchmarks of how you compare with other similar organisations. The Direction Shaper aligns your senior management on a common ambition (a common mental model) of what kind of customer experience you want to deliver for your organisation. Finally the Value Estimator, by taking inputs from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data, identifies the likely financial prize of improving customer engagement, and helps prioritise relative actions.  Using these three inputs the capability gap is identified and a Roadmap is developed with you.