SCHEMA Accessor Benchmarker

The SCHEMA® Assessor Benchmarker™ is used to understand and quantify an organisation’s current capability to engage customers (or consumers), profitably.  It uses a defined ‘Outcome set’ to do this which is selected based on specific client sector and need.  The Assessment covers all dimensions of the SCHEMA® model and provides a current state assessment of your capabilities.  As it is a rigorous and repeatable process, it can also provide a benchmark for your organisation, either against peer organisations or between different business units within your organisation, which helps you understand where you are versus others.  It is also a very effective method of identifying and sharing best practices across multiple business units within the same organisation.


Once the capability set has been calibrated for your organisation, a personalised online research link is sent to each person to be interviewed.  Typically, 10-30 staff complete the research.  The interviewees may come from Marketing, Sales and Service but must also involve those whose actions can have an indirect impact on customer experiences such as IT, Research and Insight teams, HR and Finance.  Assessment inputs are then compared by our expert analysts and telephone or face to face interviews are conducted to challenge, validate inputs and look for evidence.  Your revised current capability is then determined and reviewed with you.  The graphics show an assessment and scoring at model level, outcome area level and (below) the detailed observations which will be prioritised and turned into recommendations later.  Evidence is collected throughout the process to enable the identification of good practices as well as identify poor, missing or broken practices and the reason for them. This results in an insightful, detailed clarity about the organisation’s ‘as is’ capability with detailed recommendations for improvement