Next tranche of Agile consultants trained

In March, TCF trained another 10 senior consultants in Agile in their London offices.  We use the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodology’s two day intensive course to ensure our consultants understand agile and lean principles and can apply them in practice.  Neil Woodcock CEO of TCF explains;

“Many of the programmes we deliver for clients are complex in nature and wide in scope.  It is essential that programme plans are simplified and structured to deliver commercial value as early as possible.  This is best achieved through applying agile principles in roadmap design and delivery.  Key points we focus on are to:

  • prioritise projects carefully, looking at both ‘commercial impact’ and ‘probability of achieving’
  • deploy and motivate small, cross functional teams within the programme to deliver value early, using scrums, sprints and 100 day iterations
  • commission teams, which may be a mix of client, agency and TCF personnel, to improve alignment, accountability and ability to deliver value early.

Running projects in the way we do is fundamentally important in maximising the value we bring to our clients.”

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