Enabling ‘digital transformation’; the Leadership challenge

Enabling digital transformation

Evolving organisations to take advantage of the digital economy is as much about people and their deeply held values and beliefs as it is about process, data, technology and organisational policies.  From a behavioural perspective, organisations have to examine and understand how new ways of working, technologies and policies will activate and motivate the day to day choices their colleagues make; what they focus on; who they work with (e.g. across functions); when to reach beyond their comfort zones and take risk; how they sustain effort and so on…..This goes on second-by-second, minute-by-minute, day-by-day until these behavioural choices form the cultural norm (what people do naturally at work, whether others (e.g. ‘bosses’) are watching or not).  In this article, Nick Williams and Neil Woodcock describe the importance of leadership and culture in achieving this transformation. 

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