Customer Horizons Event

The Customer Framework hosted the latest Customer Horizons event in in January in London, where ‘relevance and personalisation’ was examined in detail for one leading sector, Media and Publishing.  Areas covered were: What do customers and consumers expect, what are the implications not just on data and technology but on people and organisations (data-driven personalisation) and what does the future hold?

As a basis for the discussion we used the results from our in-depth research on Personalisation in the Media Industry (they have more content than most!).  The insights from the research were of significance to data-driven marketers and customer experience professionals across any sector and provide a real insight into state of the art data driven personalisation.

Neil Woodcock hosted the session and delegates heard from the leaders of the research Professor Merlin Stone and Peter Kirk and from a panel of experts including senior managers from The Guardian and the BBC.  Dan Hagan, chief strategist from CARAT UK, one of the world’s largest Media agencies gave a perspective on what consumers actually want from personalisation – which is very different from what many brands are providing! It was a fascinating evening. If you would like to see the results, please contact us on

More about the research:

In association with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), we invited over 100 publishers, broadcasters and digital content makers across Europe to take part in our State of the Nation benchmarking study to help understand:

  • How media organisations are evolving how they interact with audiences in a data-driven, digital world
  • Where they are investing now and where they plan to invest
  • How they plan to sustain and increase profitability
  • Which capabilities give the biggest impact on company performance
  • Whether and how this differs by sector, by funding model, by geography, and by strategic focus

The research produced fascinating and surprising insights into the application of data and personalisation in the Media industry which have implications for all.