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data driven pecision marketingWe all know data is important in driving effective and efficient customer or consumer engagement. But, in the whole scheme of things, how vital is it and how is it being used to drive both precision marketing and customer experience?   In this June newsletter we explore the importance of Data through three lenses all of which show its changing role in engaging customers.

The first article. ‘Which aspects of ‘managing customers’ really impact on business performance?’ is an exclusive to subscribers of this newsletter and we’re very excited to share these findings with you! As many of you know, our SCHEMA® approach allows us to assess and benchmark various aspects of customer management. Over the years we have constantly refined the model to contain only the factors that really drive business performance. Some interesting findings are emerging. The article gives a glimpse into our latest research before we publish widely in the autumn.

The second article, ‘The increasing importance of data throughout the customer lifecycle’, looks at the changing role of data. The exponential growth in personal data and the new technologies available to apply it present opportunities for all organisations to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing, especially in the age of the repertoire buyer (someone who buys across a defined portfolio of brands). This is beginning to have an impact on the structure and competence requirements of marketing departments.

The final article (and podcast),What do top performers do differently?’, is a summarised transcript of a breakfast session run by Clustre, The Innovation Brokers, where Neil Woodcock and Andy Green from TCF discuss the findings from a major, global research exercise which looks at what differentiates top performers.   You will notice the role of data and technology in this.

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