5 things that media companies should know about personalisation

Personalisation and data has become a very big deal in the broadcasting and publishing world. From 2017 BBC iPlayer will be a personalised and sign-in only experience, Sky Q promises fully personalised viewing, and newspaper groups such as the Guardian

A Focus on Data. Latest Newsletter trending now

data driven pecision marketingWe all know data is important in driving effective and efficient customer or consumer engagement. But, in the whole scheme of things, how vital is it and how is it being used to drive both precision marketing and customer experience?   …

Did Tesco’s failure begin on Leahy’s watch?

Tesco's Failure and Sir Terry LeahyEarlier this week, Sir Terry Leahy laid the blame for the widespread erosion of customer-trust that led to Tesco’s failure at the feet of his successor, Philip Clarke. I suggest the signs were there before and the underlying problems actually …

Balancing hype with hygiene in Marketing Technology

businessPredictions2lAs 2015 gets under way and we all get over the broken resolcraputions and inability to stay ‘dry’ in this most depressing of all months, attention inevitably turns to predictions of what lies ahead for the year and what will …

Customer Experience Trends for 2015

Customer Experience is a board level item in most large organisations but sometimes the discussion becomes more about internal processes and systems than about the customer! We need to keep the customer firmly in focus and for this reason, I